Riceworks Wild Gourmet Wildrice Crisps

Riceworks® Wild Gourmet Wildrice Crisps. A good source of fiber. Sea salt and black sesame. Low in saturated fat. Wheat & gluten free. All natural whole grain brown & wild rice. 5.5 oz (155.9g). GO wild. Wheat & gluten free. Vegan friendly. Low in saturated fat. Natural brown rice. 12g whole grain per serving. A good source of fiber. No artificial flavor. Contains no nuts. 0mg cholesterol. 0g trans fat. What happens when you marry the natural goodness of whole grain brown and wild rice You celebrate the creation of wild Riceworks®, a totally new, elegantly shaped gourmet crisp that looks as good as it tastes. Wild Riceworks® is rich in flavor and a good source of fiber too! www.riceworks.com.